Best software practices: readability

Autor: Damian Chodorek • Opublikowany: 23 lutego 2019 • Kategoria: Good practices

Best code readability practices. Gathered from various sources.

  • Write boring code.
  • Dad code comes from ignorance, not from evil. Don’t ignore things.
  • Leave code in a better state than it had been before you got it.
  • Change one thing at a time.
  • Comments should explain why the code is doing something, not what it is doing.
  • If you run into an unfixable complexity outside of your program, put a wrapper around it that is simple for other programmers.
  • There is no perfect design, there is only a better design.
  • A good programmer should do everything in his power to make what he writes simple for other programmers to use and comprehend.
  • Everybody who writes software is a designer.
  • The best design is the one that allows for the most change in the environment with the least change in the software.
  • The ease of maintenance of any piece of software is proportional to the simplicity of its individual pieces.
  • Many difficult design problems can be solved by simply drawing or writing them out on paper.
  • To handle complexity in your system, redesign the individual pieces in small steps.
  • Make it run, make it right, make it fast.
  • A method should be a command or a query, but not both. Command modifies the state and doesn’t return value. Query doesn’t modify the state but returns a value.

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